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With tremendous change in lifestyle there is increasing trends for Neurological & psychological disorders. Neurology & psychiatry are one of the most challenging areas in medicine.

Alkem CNS is actively present in Alzheimer’s dementia, stroke, migraine, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Neuropathic pain management.

Here are few highlights of Alkem CNS:

  • No.2 in Donepezil & Donepezil-Memantine market with Donep & Donep-M
  • No.2 in Citicoline & Citicoline-Piracetam market with Ceham & Ceham-P growing faster than its represented market
  • We are proud to launch Amisulpride Oral Disintegrating Tablet, the only brand available in Indian market as Oral Disintegrating Tablet from for schizophrenic patients
  • Wide range of medications for various types of epilepsies, from the conventional Valproate to the second generation Lamotrigine and Levetiracetam, and third generation Lacosamide drugs are available in Alkem CNS
  • Alkem CNS is committed to work continuously on New drug delivery system for CNS therapy molecule looking into patients need & convenience
Alkem works in collaboration with national and international neurosurgeons, neurologists, and psychiatrists to bring best drugs and new drug delivery system in Neuroscience therapy for Indian population.